Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Squads

In order to raise funds for cheerleading squads, cheerleading sponsors often look for innovative fundraising ideas. In most cases, cheerleaders are responsible for some or all of their uniform costs and other expenses. 

By participating in fundraising endeavors, cheerleaders and their families can ease the financial burden of participating in cheerleading.

Traditional Squad Fundraisers

Traditional cheerleading squad fundraising ideas include car washes and candy bar sales. Whether you choose a company that already works with squads or make your own fundraiser, traditional methods are familiar. 

It is likely that people will block out time or money to support your squad if everyone knows you do a particular fundraiser every year.

Candle Sales

Candle sales are one of the most common fundraisers. When making a sales pitch, veterans of these candle sales recommend taking along a couple of samples so the customer can smell and see the goods. 

As well, if possible, offer a variety of candle sizes as well as potpourri or candle holders. There are several companies that work with schools, including ABC Fundraising.


Some schools don’t allow raffle sales, but many do as a way to raise money. The cheerleaders can sell raffle tickets for one or two dollars each for a chance to win a restaurant gift certificate, movie tickets, or a bouquet of flowers. 

Get donations from local businesses to set up a successful raffle. Businesses are often happy to help the community because it is good PR and drives in business. During major games, pep rallies, or spirit weeks, hold raffles.

Cookie Dough Sales

It is a popular fundraiser for many school groups for cheerleaders to sell cookie dough. It is possible to make as much as 50 percent profit depending on the company used. It is important to note, however, that cookie dough needs to be refrigerated until it is delivered. 

There are several brands that have experience working with schools, including Otis Spunkmeyer.

Doughnut Sales

Krispy Kreme partners with school-sponsored groups to sell doughnut boxes as fundraisers. Fundraising through this method remains popular.

Candy Bar Sales

Fundraising with candy bars is a great idea. The buyer can purchase as much or as little as they wish. It should be noted, however, that most schools have nutritional guidelines that prohibit candy sales on campus. 

Consider canvassing neighborhoods and businesses instead. A popular chocolate company to consider is World’s Finest Chocolates.

School Spirit Items

To raise additional funds, consider selling school spirit items. Sell pompoms in your team’s colors, yard signs, car decals, or t-shirts to support your squad. 

Be sure to set realistic goals for the squad when it comes to sales since you often have to invest money up front in order to cover the cost of the items before making your profit.

Car Wash

Cheer squads often hold car washes on the premises of local businesses, such as gas stations and restaurants. A lot of squads do not charge a set rate for car washing, instead asking for donations.

Gift Wrapping Services

Set up a gift wrapping table at a local store during the Christmas shopping season with the permission of the management. Make sure you have plenty of gift wrap, scissors, tape, and helpers on your table! If you want to charge a fee or ask for donations, you can do so.

Dining Out Fundraiser Night

Find out if local restaurants would be interested in sponsoring a cheer fundraiser. Many restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds if you promote their restaurant on a particular night. Typically, it goes like this:

  1. The cheerleading fundraiser night is scheduled for a certain date.
  2. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to your team that evening by the restaurant or restaurants.
  3. In order to promote dining at these restaurants on that night, you make flyers, posters, announcements, and other marketing materials.
  4. To promote sales, cheerleaders on your squad dine at restaurants, take pictures, and provide short cheers throughout the night.

A single night could earn you several hundred or several thousand dollars, depending on how many restaurants participate. Perhaps certain restaurants could set up a monthly, or even weekly, cheer night to help raise funds throughout the year.

Creative Fundraising Ideas

To stay fresh and interesting, cheerleading squads sometimes turn to nontraditional fundraising methods. For a change of pace, try these ideas:

Yard Sale

Money can be made and profits can yield almost 100 percent when one person’s junk becomes another person’s treasure. Do not limit the yard sale to cheerleaders and their families. Donate your unwanted items to the yard sale, and advertise a week or two in advance.

Portrait Sales

Collect vintage and period clothing, then locate a photographer who would be willing to take photos for free in exchange for advertising on posters and flyers. You can charge a small fee for reservation tickets, which will yield a 100 percent profit, then increase the price of the printed photo packets. 

Surplus charges become profit for the squad after the photographer is paid for the packets.

Doggie Spa

There is no doubt that this is an unconventional method for raising money, but it can result in some nice profits without a lot of expense. Organise a doggy bath service where people can bring their pets for a good cleaning. 

Sell homemade doggie biscuits to complete the pampering. Make sure you have pet-appropriate shampoos, towels, and water on hand. The dog baths can be charged at a set rate or donations can be accepted.

Cheerleading Clinic

For a nominal fee, you can offer a youth cheer clinic to local elementary school students. Put on a performance for their parents after teaching them basic cheers and moves. During halftime, you can even invite participants to cheer with you. 

As well as raising money during the clinic, you will also encourage team spirit and involvement among younger community members.

Squad Video

Make use of anyone on your squad who is good with a camera or knows someone who is. Make a video showcasing the squad’s performances at games and competitions. 

You can sell these videos to your friends and family. A cheer camp could also include how-to videos on cheer techniques and cheer dances.

Host a Competition

Consider hosting an athletic competition at your school. You can charge participants for participating in the event, spectators for watching, or a combination of both. Here are some ideas for competitions:

  • Tournament of dodgeball – Charge each team that wishes to participate, and then offer concessions and T-shirts for an additional fee.
  • Set up a powder-puff football game between a cheer squad and a dance squad. Charge spectators admission for watching varsity football players perform as cheerleaders.
  • What is the best athlete in the world? Create a series of competitions that test speed, agility, flexibility, and other athletic markers. This event can either be charged to participants or spectators.
  • Recruit male athletes at your school and teach them basic cheers and other skills. Then, hold a competition to determine which male athlete would make the best cheerleader.

Rubber Duck Race

Rubber ducks should be purchased in large quantities. On the bottom of each duck, write the name of the buyer in waterproof ink, and explain that you are “selling” the ducks for a specific price. Select a date for the ducks to “race” in a local creek. 

Make sure you get permission from city officials before starting this fundraiser. Ask local merchants to donate prizes. There could be categories such as fastest duck, slowest duck, and others.

Services Rendered Auction

Consider auctioning off your squad’s cheerleaders for a workday. During this type of fundraiser, cheerleaders (individuals or the whole squad) are auctioned off for certain tasks, such as cleaning out a basement or painting a house. In exchange for money, the cheerleader or squad must perform the work that was bid on by local individuals or businesses.

Citrus Fruit Sales

Fresh fruit can be a unique fundraiser alternative to food sales. Ask your local green grocer to sell you cases of oranges and grapefruits at cost so you can resell them for a profit. Create a simple flyer that states the cost per case, the type of fruit, the number of cases ordered, and the delivery date and location. 

Don’t forget to give your sponsor credit on the flyer. Goodwill and future sales may be generated for the grocer through some free advertising. If you want to protect the team from a loss, make sure the grocer will allow you to order only the number of cases you pre-sell and pay for them once you’ve collected payment.

Fundraising Companies

Looking for more fundraising ideas? Here are some fundraising companies to check out:

  • With Fasttrack Fundraising, you can sell a wide variety of items. You can choose from items like bracelets, gourmet lollipops, and discount cards.
  • Request a free sales kit at The most popular fundraising kits for cheerleaders include lollipops, cookie dough, and gourmet snacks.
  • Candles are available in 20 scents at JustforMeCandles, which includes free sample chips.

Making Fundraisers Work

Those who succeed at fundraising find that it can be a lucrative way to supplement their cheerleading expenses. When searching for fundraising venues that work, consider both traditional and nontraditional methods, and watch your profits soar.

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